St. Joseph's School of Nursing Alumnae Association


President,  Web site Coordinator
Kristine Brock Rogers '69

 Vice President, Raffle Coordinator
Rose Dzugan '68

Patricia O'Neill '74

 Recording Secretary
Pamela Sefton Fisher '69

Membership Secretary
Patricia Faulkner Duxbury '66

Newsletter Editor 
Linda Bogoslowski Lipsitt '72


Luncheon Coordinator
Kathy Alexander Jackson '73

Lunchean Coordinator
Teresa Maas '74 

Mass Coordinator
Judy Sherman Cleary '67


Mass Coordinator
Diane Bendia Poehlman '71B 

Historical Archival Coordinator
Janina Muta Berenyi '65

 Historical Archival Coordinator
Connie Beamer Prowse '69






The Executive formulates policy, develops procedure, administers operations and manages the financial operations of the Alumnae according to the Constitution.

Executive Position Criteria
Executive members must be graduates of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing, and/or St. Joseph's Campus of Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario.



1. President
2. Vice President
3. Past President
4. Treasurer
5. Recording Secretary
6. Membership Secretary
7. Newsletter Editor
8. Web Maintenance
9. Co-ordinator of History Archives
10. Luncheon Convener
11. Mass Conveners
12. Members at Large

Executive Roles

All executive members must be graduates of St. Joseph's School of Nursing and/or St. Joseph's Campus of Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario

The President is the Head of the Association and is charged with the responsibility of administering the Association according to the Constitution

Vice President
The Vice President discharges the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

Past President
The Past President is an advisor to the Executive and facilitates transitional activities during Executive turnovers.

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary takes minutes, distributes minutes at all Executive meetings and maintains all minutes.

Membership Secretary
The Membership Secretary maintains the membership database and renewal notices and mails out newsletters in a timely and accurate manner.

The Treasurer administers the financial functions of the Alumnae Association according to the Constitution and will develop policies and procedures in collaboration with the Executive.

Newsletter Editor
The Newsletter Editor writes, edits and prepares the newsletter for publishing three times a year in October, January and April.

Member At Large
The Member at Large completes all designated tasks as assigned by the President.

Term of Office
1.  any Executive member may serve for a period of up to 2 (years) consecutive years in one position. The Executive may modify the term of office under extenuating circumstances.
2.  an Executive member will be asked to resign if she/he has been absent for 3 (three) consecutive meetings or displays inappropriate behaviour. The Executive may modify the ruling under extenuating circumstances.

Selection of Executive
Future members of the Executive are recruited and approved by the current Executive.


The fiscal year term is from June1 to May 31.

The monies of the SJSNAA account are utilized to carry out the vision of the SJSNAA and are utilized as follows:
1. Contributions to many charitable organizations within the St. Joseph’s Healthcare System and the Sisters of St. Joseph Hamilton.

Financial Procedures
The Treasurer shall be guided by the role description approved by the SJSNAA Executive.

Investment Procedure
Reports the status of each investment at an Executive meeting upon receipt of Bank semi annual statements and arranges for renewals or new investments at the direction of the Executive. Motions for acceptance.

Tax Receipts
SJSNAA is not a registered charitable organization and does not provide tax receipts.


The Communications procedure determines the SJSCAA privacy and confidentiality statement, how SJSCAA uses the media, print, and email and who will represent the SJSCAA in the media.
All communications are the responsibility of the SJSNAA Executive.


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