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St. Joseph’s School of Nursing

Alumnae Association
Hamilton, ON

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Executive Members

Kathy Alexander Jackson '73

Kristine Brock Rogers '69
Immediate Past President/Website coordinator

Vice President/ Fundraising Coordinator

Patricia O'Neill '74

Recording Secretary

Linda Bogoslowski Lipsitt '72
Newsletter Editor/Dispatcher

Pat Faulkner Duxbury '66
Membership Secretary

Cathy Nurmi Smith '71B
Annual Reunion Day Luncheon Coordinator

Annual Reunion Day Luncheon Coordinator

Judy Sherman Cleary '67
Annual Reunion Day Mass Coordinator

Karen Wilson Martin' 69
Liaison to the Sisters

Janny Scholten Bruyn '69

Archives Coordinator

Connie Beamer Prowse '69
Archives Coordinator

A Rich History

On January 22, 1915, the first group of nurses, nine young ladies, graduated with an impressive ceremony in the school lecture hall, after which they returned to their wards and patients. Graduates received their black bands in their senior year and their pins, diplomas, and a beautiful bouquet of red roses at a graduation ceremony.


Membership in the Alumnae is contingent on payment of the annual membership fee. All St. Joseph's School of Nursing graduates from the classes of 1915 to 1978 are granted eligibility for active alumnae membership.

Our Constitution

The Constitution is the agreed-upon plan of action that provides the Executive and Alumnae members with important principles that give stability and continuity to the ongoing operations of the Association.