History of St.Joseph's School of Nursing Alumnae Association

1915 - The St. Joseph Hospital Alumnae was organized in 1915 under the convenorship of Misses Ada Egan and Jean Morin, assisted by Mother Helen Superior of the Hospital and Sister St. Basil Superintendent of Nurses.

After much planning and formulating of the constitutions and by-laws the nucleus of the present association was formed, with Miss Ella Kelly as president.

The graduates of the School of Nursing form the body of the alumnae. Paid membership is required to belong to the Alumnae Association.

Alumnae Goals as found in 1934 Year Book
There was a definite need for more unity among the young nurses who were leaving the shelter of the hospital and taking their place among the women of the world.
The Alumnae Association was organized in 1915 and affiliated with the Canadian Nurse’s Association as a means of mutual benefit to the graduates of the School and formed an important part of every nurse's professional life.

Its objective was to keep the graduates in friendly touch with each other and with their Alma Mater, and further to maintain the very highest standards of professional nursing.

The members of the Alumnae have shown an excellent spirit of co-operation in the affairs of the Training School.
Through their efforts, valuable contributions have been made to the equipment of the school so that every possible facility might be available for the instruction of student nurses.

Historically the Mission Statement has reflected the current trends of the time it was written.

2003 Mission Statement:

The St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Association promotes the collegiality of its members through newsletters, website and the annual meeting encourages continued commitment to Nursing education through scholarships and contributes to many charitable organizations within the St. Joseph’s Healthcare family and the Sisters of St. Joseph Hamilton.

As of 2021, the Mission Statement reads as follows SJSNAA promotes the collegiality of the members through Newsletters, Website, Annual Reunion Day Mass, Annual Reunion Day Luncheon / Annual General Meeting, and enquiries to the Executive Committee from the Alumnae Members by written, telephone or electronic medium. SJSNAA continues to support the Sisters of St. Joseph as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

1915   Alumnae members were kept informed of meetings by face-to-face communication, telephone call lists, and mail. The early Alumnae meetings were held on the 3rd Monday of every month from September to June. A business meeting was held attended by Alumnae members and the executive, followed by a guest speaker.

A silver collection was taken at meetings, and this was discontinued in 1964.

1933   Alumnae Meetings and special events were advertised in the Canadian Nurse Journal. The printing of births and marriages was discontinued in 1944.All graduate nurses required to pay annual fees to be members of SJSNAA. If fees are in arrears, these nurses will be subjected to have their work inspected. Membership in the R.N.A.O. with fee of $2.00 was compulsory. Alumnae Meetings and special events were advertised in the Canadian Nurse Journal. The printing of births and marriages was discontinued in 1944 New Constitution & By-Laws were approved.

1934   Membership fees were dispensed with for the entire year but $2.00 membership to the R.N.A.O. was compulsory Sister Monica, Honorary Vice President was to give Alumnae application forms to all student nurses before leaving the school of nursing. There was discussion on married nurses, who have not paid fees, to be involved in social entertainment. Alumnae meetings to start at 7:30pm sharp and to be one hour in length. December 1934 – A directive from Mother Martina stated Graduate nurses were notified that "Nurses could not nurse in St Joseph’s Hospital after February 1, 1935, without their current registration cards with the Alumnae”.

1937   Motion presented to approach Sister Superior regarding 12-hour duties being reduced to 8 hours.

1942   On completing her course of training a student nurse will become an associate member of the Alumnae, until such time as the first Provincial exams were held. After successfully completing her exams, she will make an official application to become an Alumnae member.

The Alumnae passed a motion that married nurses be accepted as members of the Alumnae for one year, terminating in June 1943. They would be able to vote after paying the fees.

1943     Established an annual Memorial Service for Florence Nightingale. The first service was held May 9, 1943, at Christ Church Cathedral and in the hospital chapel. This celebration was discontinued in 1951.

Sister Mary Grace encouraged Alumnae members to take advantage of the bursary granted by the Government for University courses in Public Health and Nursing Education.

1944 Sister Mary Grace stated that a nurse could not belong to the registry unless she joined the Alumnae. She also had to become a member of the R.N.A.O. and the International R.N.A.

Incentives were organized to increase Alumnae membership including Hospital equipment donations, a room for sick nurses, small socials e.g., bridge card parties, each nurse was required to bring items to raffle off at the meetings, and scholarship presentations.

1945   Membership committee was initiated that would be responsible for contacting members from each graduating class. Each member was asked to bring another member in order to increase attendance at meetings. A registered nurse had to apply in writing to the Alumnae to be accepted as a member.

1950’s & later
Nurses who were recently engaged or married received a small gift from the Alumnae.
At the annual Christmas party members brought small gifts to exchange.

1955    Sister Mary Grace directed the executive to organize a disaster committee. The Alumnae members created an updated list of addresses and phone numbers with call-in groups to quickly contact all members.

1964   Sister Celestine Acting Director of Nursing attended an executive meeting and requested that the name of the Alumnae be changed from “St. Joseph’s Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association” to ” Alumnae Association of St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing”.

The reason for this change was that “an Alumnae member is a member of the School of Nursing and not of the hospital”.

1977   $200.00 was donated to graduates of the Mohawk Nursing Programme to assist in the formation of their own Alumni Association.

1984 - A phone Committee was operational for “shut-in” Alumnae members.

1990's  The Alumnae had communications posted in the “Hospital Monitor”.


Membership criteria in the Alumnae Association is contingent on payment of the annual membership fee.
All St. Joseph's School of Nursing graduates from the classes of 1915 to 1978 are granted eligibility for active Alumnae membership

There remain 3 categories of Alumnae membership:

1) Active Membership: A graduate of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing and/or St. Joseph's Campus of Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario who has paid the Alumnae membership fee for the current fiscal year.

2) Honorary Membership: A member who has maintained an active membership for 25 consecutive years and continues to pay the Alumnae membership fee for the current fiscal year.

3) Associate Membership: A graduate nurse who has had an affiliation with St. Joseph's Hamilton and has paid the membership fee for the current fiscal year. The following information is required: Name and City of School of Nursing and Year of Graduation. The Executive holds the responsibility of awarding the Associate Membership.

As of 2021, a Membership / Application Renewal Form has been redesigned. It is posted on the website and also sent out in the Newsletter.


1942   Discussion of application of nurses to the Alumnae: “That nurses be accepted as associate members until time of examinations. If a student fails, membership automatically drops. Committee of three members, convened by Miss Jean Morin ’15, was formed to investigate application (reinstatement) of married nurses. "That married nurses be accepted as members of Alumnae for one year, terminating June 1943, with power to vote on payment of regular fee.”

Application of Nurses to the Alumnae Association: “That a nurse, on completing her course of training, will become an associate member of the Alumnae, until such time as the first Provincial examinations are held and she tries said examinations, and becomes a registered nurse. Then she will make official application. Should a nurse fail in more than one subject, then membership automatically drops. If she fails in one subject only, then she is carried on as an associate member, until the time of the next Provincial examinations. She must try examinations then, and if she fails again, she automatically drops membership for all times.”

1943 - It was a requirement to belong to the Alumnae as part of the working conditions set down by the hospital. In order to become a member of the nursing register a nurse had to be in good standing in her Alumnae Association.

Graduation Dinner May 30, 1951. During the evening, Elizabeth Quinn ’20 was presented with a life membership in appreciation on her long, faithful, and generous service.

1955   Associate memberships would be granted to those in good standing with their own Alumnae or training school. Also offered to members of the Registry who do not belong to their own Alumnae. Sister Mary Grace approved Associate membership in the Alumnae. She noted that ¾ of the hospital staff were not alumnae members.

1956   A membership tea was initiated to increase membership.

1958   Life Membership on certain Alumnae members was established.
After 25 years of paid membership, the Alumnae member was exempt from paying any more fees.

1960   The entire graduating class was accepted into the Alumnae Membership.

1964   Lifetime Membership changed to Honorary Life Membership.
Honorary Life Members will be given scrolls made at the Convent by the Sisters of the Precious Blood.

1977   Sisters who graduated twenty-five years or more ago, will receive life memberships from the Alumnae.
Sister Mary Austin will make life membership certificates for eighteen sisters.
They were presented by Sister Marina at a dinner held on the last day of the Sisters’ Jubilee.

1978   Membership cards are now on glossy paper rather than plastic cards.
They cost $103.00 plus tax for 2000 cards as opposed to $683.00 plus tax.

1986   Executive decided that classes that graduated from St. Joseph’s Campus, Mohawk College can be Associate members of the Alumnae.

1990   Lifetime members paying yearly membership fees and receiving a Lifetime membership pin. Sister Mary Austin used her calligraphy skills to create the scrolls presented to new Life Members each year.

1996   Memberships: all members will pay membership dues, including lifetime members. Lifetime members will now be referred to as “honorary” members.
List of Honorary members was to be placed in a special album with calligraphy done by Sister M. Austin.

1997   Honorary Life Members received a gold pin presented at the Reunion Dinner.
An Alumnae President who has completed her term will be recognized as an Honorary member.

1998   Class of 1978 had 41 grads attending this reunion, celebrating 20 years.
They graduated from Mohawk College, and were the last class who received their nursing education at St. Joseph’s Hospital Campus. Their slogan was “The Last of the Best”.
Associate membership in the Alumnae was offered to the Class of 1978.


1985   The discussion on a Membership list to be computerized commenced.

1996   At the Reunion Dinner, the class of 1958 donated $300. This money was used towards the purchase of a computer software database program to track Alumnae membership. Computerized membership list began 1997.

2005 Membership database was formed to include graduates personal information, year of graduation and renewal date.

2021 A new vendor was secured to replace the current system with an updated membership database.

The Alumnae Membership Growth Fluctuated Over the Years
In 1920, Alumnae membership started with 49 members. We reached our zenith in 2000 with 720 members.
With no new graduates since 1978 and the aging of our graduates, our membership numbers are seeing a natural decline.

1947 The annual fees raised from $1.50 to $2.00. In 100 years, the annual membership fee increased to $20.00 where it remains today.


Historically the Alumnae Association was a vehicle in keeping in contact with old friends, meeting new ones, and supporting and helping the students and School of Nursing. Social activities included monthly meetings, Dances, Bridge and Euchre, the Tea and Reunion Dinners.
The Alumnae offered service, dedication and friendship. We were all essential links in a great chain of dedicated professionals.
Ongoing revisions of the Bylaws, later called Constitution and Terms of Reference, were recorded in the minutes including 1933, 1953, 1962, 1964, 1972, 1975, 2015, 2017, 2020, 2021, and 2022

1963   The executive was being expanded and the duties of the officers were being changed.
There were three Vice Presidents, each having distinct roles, including meetings, special events, social functions and publicity.
The Executive recognized the need for a multi-signature bank account Treasurer + President or V.P.
Financial Audit was done and the fiscal year was changed to be June 1st to May 31st.
The Constitution Revision Chairperson was to buy a Roberts Rules of Order to be used by the committee and then turned over to the President.

1964   A change to the Constitution was: from “to further the development of better and more adequate nursing service” to” to maintain an association in order to foster the professional growth of its members”.

1975   Fiscal year was changed to July 1 to June 30.

1990’s   When new members were needed on the executive a nominating committee would present a list of candidates. If necessary, an election was held at the reunion dinner.

1991   Monthly meetings and spending budgets were planned one year in advance.

1993   Constitution was amended: Role of the Sister Liaison changed from three- year term to “new term will be an open-ended appointment”.

1999   The Constitution states “any member of the Executive may serve in the same position for two consecutive years”. A vote must be taken at the AGM for the Executive to carry on longer in their same positions.

2004   The Alumnae now has a website www.sjsnaa . Graduation photographs, our historical documents are accessible for viewing on the website. These were published in The Hamilton Spectator and remain in their archives.

2004   HISTORICAL NOTE: Sister Joan O’Sullivan stated SJSNAA is not an ancillary arm of St. Joseph’s Healthcare: therefore, changes to the Alumnae constitution do not need the approval St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

2006   The Alumnae is a non-charitable organization, and no tax receipts will be given for donations to the Alumnae. Amendment to Constitution: “Executive Position Criteria” states: All executive members must be graduates of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing and/or St. Joseph’s Campus of Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario.

2020   Despite the pandemic, the Alumnae Executive remains active, with meetings and document revisions through “ZOOM meetings”.


1933   Mother Superior of the hospital was the Honorary President and the Supervisor of Nurses of the School of Nursing was the Honorary Vice President of the Nurses Alumnae.
Representative for R.N.A.O. and Canadian Nurse were on the executive. Representatives were sent to R.N.A.O. and C.N.A.
A convenor and a nominations committee were created for the Alumnae.

1938   Sister Ursula was the 1st Sister Liaison to the Alumnae executive recorded in 1938 until her passing in 1984
Sister Virginia Hanlon became the Sister Liaison in 1985 until she retired.in 2006.

1952   Presentation of spoons to brides was discontinued: $3.00 gift was given instead.

1961   Handbooks were made available for the span and details of each Executive office. All past Alumnae presidents received a “Presidents Pin”

1963   Changes to Executive roles:
There are now two Vice Presidents and a Corresponding Secretary.
Immediate Past President was the Chair of the Nominating Committee.
Audit was done annually (end of April) by an auditor. Fee to be paid out of the operating costs ($15.00 for auditor’s report). Recommended all invoices to be paid by cheque.

1964   The Association Annual meeting was held as a Reunion Dinner for former graduates only.
The Alumnae Association was beginning to limit its ability to fund various social activities.

   Executive gave charm bracelets with school crest to retiring members of the Executive.
Mass for the Living and Deceased was held at the Mother House.
Fiscal year end changed to August 31 instead of May 31.
Students were now graduates of Mohawk College, St Joseph’s Campus.
Student Aid Fund was closed and the money transferred to a non-chequing account.
No loans available for students for further education.

1985   Patricia Di Ciommo, president of the Alumnae wrote a letter to Sister Virginia requesting a Sister Liaison to replace Sister Ursula

   Revisions to the Alumnae policies were done.
Any Executive member who had missed three meetings without good cause could be asked to resign.

1988   Three bank accounts (active account, education fund and gold account) were combined to form one account.
Education Loan Fund of $2,000 continued to be offered, annually in the Fall and Winter Newsletter.
A Fiscal Statement was prepared annually, and the books were audited when the treasurer changed.

1988   Three bank accounts (active account, education fund and gold account) were combined to form one account.
Education Loan Fund of $2,000 continued to be offered, annually in the Fall and Winter Newsletter.
A Fiscal Statement was prepared annually, and the books were audited when the treasurer changed.

1999   Nominations for Executive positions must be made in writing 15 days prior to the Alumnae General Meeting and accompanied with the written consent of the nominee.

2002   “Activity Guide for Executive Members” now called “Terms of Reference”.

2010   The Alumnae has deleted the positions on the Executive called “Members at Large”.

As of 2021, the executive has produced and circulated an “Expression of Interest Form”, a “Consider Joining the Executive” document with a brief description of all the positions on the Executive, and an S.J.S.N.A.A. Mentorship Document.
These forms are posted on the website and have also been mailed in the newsletter.


1920   The goal of the Alumnae Association was to provide monetary donations to accredited charities.

1922   $1000 was raised by 49 graduates for the furniture in the new Undermount residence.
Donations of $5 - $20 came from the private duty nurses who were only making $3.50 per shift.
To complete the Alumnae objective, they held a dance at the Royal Connaught Hotel.

1928   A hospital bed was procured for an Alumnae member who was very ill at home.

1933   Funds were made available to buy an anatomical mannequin and books for the nursing school.
Monthly bridge parties took place, convened by Vice President.

1940's & 1950's...   2 nurses were sponsored at the R.N.A.O. conventions.

1942   The Government appointed a representative to contact high school students to encourage enrollment in nursing.
$5.00 cheque be sent to Sister Superior for Christmas.
An afghan was made by Sisters of St. Joseph to be sent overseas.
Alumnae sent Laura Secord Chocolates to nurses overseas as Christmas gifts.

1944   Sister Ursula Barry ’32 mentioned the Roll of Honour for overseas nurses.
Jean Morin ’15, Helen Hefferman ’17, Jessie McNaughton ’36, May Mitchell’37.
Dorothy Burton ’38 and Marion Wright ‘38.

1946   $1000.00 was raised by social events and given to Sister St. Elizabeth ’32, Superintendent of the Hospital, to furnish the new hospital opening in 1947.

1949   $500.00 was donated for the purchase of a pediatric cystoscope and a child inhalator.

1955   $500.00 was donated for the window in the new Chapel.

1958   Christmas hampers were organized for needy families. This became an annual event. It was discontinued in 1972.

1961   $1,000.00 was donated to the new hospital to furnish two private rooms.

1968   Reunion Dinner tickets were given to 8 graduate nurses to promote the Alumnae.

1987   Alumnae presented $1000.00 to the hospital building fund, directed to the Chapel.

1996   Yearly donations to St. Joseph’s Villa for the use of their facilities by the executive.


1933   Education fund was set up for the School of Nursing.

1945   R.N.A.O. held a meeting in Undermount Nurses Residence with a discussion of bursaries available to nurses who continue in university and post-graduate courses.

1948   $500.00 scholarship was initiated on a yearly basis for a member of graduating class.

1951   $500.00 scholarship were available to any member of the Alumnae in good standing filling the educational requirements of the School of Nursing. $500 scholarships were available to members to attend University to become educators and head nurses.

1952   The winner of the Alumnae Educational Scholarship must be a member of the Alumnae since graduation. The applicant will be chosen by a collaborative group with Sister Superior, Superintendent of Nurses and an Alumnae representative.

1953   The Alumnae set up a monthly $10.00 cheque for a nursing student in dire need.

1962   Benevolent Fund of $500.00 yearly was set up for a deserving student of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing who was unable to pay for books or uniforms. It also provided extra allowance every month. student to apply for funds; to be administered by the Director of Nursing and the President and Treasurer of the Alumnae.

1963   $3,000.00 was allotted to sponsor an African student into the School of Nursing.
The African student Claribel Marchie arrived at St. Joseph’s School of Nursing with the finances and support of our Alumnae, St. Joseph’s School of Nursing and hospital. A contract was drawn up between the hospital and the Alumnae. Sister Virginia stated that the hospital would cover her books and uniforms. The Alumnae dedicated $3,000.00 to sponsor the project. This included air flights, to and from Canada, along with living allowance and graduation fees. Claribel graduated in the class of 1966.

1968   Interest-free loans and scholarship funds for post-graduate studies up to $2,000.00 were available to an Active or Life Member who had maintained current membership for three years and would continue membership for the duration of the loan.

1974   Student aid fund was closed.

1979 – 1992   Interest-free loans were given for Continuing Education in Nursing.


1934   The Alumnae purchased a mannequin and books for the School of Nursing.

1944   Donated mirror and lamps for student nurses’ recreation area.

1948   $50.00 was given to Oakbank nurses’ residence. and $50.00 was given to the hospital library on April 9, 1948 The Little Foxes” play was presented by St. Joseph’s Hospital Alumnae.
Proceeds were donated to the Nurse Scholarship Fund.

1952   $200.00 donation for recreational and locker room improvements.

1953   Alumnae set up a monthly $10 cheque for a nursing student in dire need.

1957   $500.00 to the Fontbonne School of Nursing building fund.

1960 - 1961   Educational scholarship cancelled for 1960 and 1961.
$1000.00 donated to the building fund of Fontbonne Hall Nurses Residence.

1963   The Alumnae joined the Golden Book for charity by saving labels from canned food products to purchase a Hi-Fi, TV, iron, and lamps for the new residence.
Alumnae also donated money to purchase items for the nursing residence 4 washers, 4 dryers, 2 ironing boards, and one steam iron.

1964   $100.00 was donated in the name of the Class of ’64 for supplies for Fontbonne. The Alumnae collected Jello instant pudding labels to purchase an iron and a sewing machine needed by the students.
Graduation class was invited to the April meeting and the Alumnae presented to the class their membership to the Alumnae for the 1964 – 1965 year as a gift.

1965   Card tables (approx. $600.00) were purchased by the Alumnae and donated to the nursing residence.

1968   Yearbook was dedicated to the Alumnae by the Graduating Class in appreciation for the items that they had received (card tables, stereo Hi-Fi and piano).

1969   $700.00 was given to the School of Nursing for the purchase of Audio-Visual teaching aids, donation to the Mary Lepinski Library Fund.
Christmas concerts and parties were sponsored by the Alumnae every year.


1923   A linen campaign was launched. Embroidered Altar Cloths were purchased by the Alumnae and the Sisters.
They were sent to a mission in western Canada.

1942   Alumnae collected $1.00 from each member for the “Bombed War Victim” or the “British Nurses Relief Fund”.
Sponsored the “Spring Fiesta” to raise funds for underprivileged children to attend Camp Brebeuf.
A Christmas gift was sent to May Mitchell ‘37 who had been overseas for 2 years. Contents of the box were not to exceed $5. Miss Jessie McNaughton ’36 also went overseas.
Presented each nurse going overseas with a small gift of an identification bracelet.
Filled “Ditty Bags” for the Merchant Marine from available war funds and donations by Alumnae members.
Provided a service during blackouts to allow nurses to get to their post.
They worked with the hospital to conserve food and linen.
$5.00 was donated towards a new toaster for O.R. nurses.

1943   Christmas Gifts of Laura Secord Chocolates were sent to overseas nurses.
Christian Culture Lecture Association received $10.
Annual Christmas gifts of $5.00 were given to Sister Superior and $5.00 to the attending Priest.

1945   $5.00 was given to the Catholic Women’s League for sponsoring a Penny Sale.

1950   $500.00 was donated to the hospital by the Alumnae for the new maternity wing, in memoriam to Miss Bessie Kelly ‘23 and Elsie Hart ’35.
These nurses had enlisted and lost their lives during their service.
At the annual Christmas party members brought small gifts to exchange.
Annual Christmas Raffles were held for turkeys and for Victory Bonds of $50 and $100.

1950s   Donations were made annually to Camp Brebeuf, Precious Blood Convent, Red Feather Campaign (United Way), Red Cross and the Cancer Clinic.

1952   In honour of Centennial Year of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the Alumnae donated $100.00 to the Community of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

1961   “Presidents Pin” was given to all past presidents.

1962 - 2004   Annual donations were made to Missions in Jamaica, St. Joseph’s Spiritual Care.
Out of the Cold programs Hamilton, Pastoral Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital and St Joseph’s Villa.
Christmas plants delivered to shut-in graduates.

1962   Graduates in Mission and Allied Fields were given a paid-up membership.
Alumnae paid for shipping (not to exceed $40.00) to Sister Paula Marie (Pauline Gibbons ‘43) at a Mission in Hong Kong for used hospital supplies and clothing.

1963   Nurses in the Mission Field were sent membership and Christmas cards:
Sister Paula Marie (Pauline Gibbons ’43), Mrs. Janet Woodcock Jackson ‘57, Miss Kathleen McLeod ‘57, Miss Muriel Black ’43 and Miss Arlene Craig ‘61.

1974   $100.00 donation by the Alumnae to the Director of Social Services Department of Hospital for Christmas gifts to elderly patients throughout the hospital.

1975   New membership cards, stationery with school crest as letterhead, and hasty notes with crest were purchased.
These notes were sent to all Alumnae members due to a death in the immediate family or birth. Flowers from any Alumnae function to be sent to any members ill in hospital. Mass card or donation was sent to the family on the death of a life member or executive.

1976   Alumnae made a $100.00 donation to Elizabeth Foley Memorial Fund Retirement tea was given in honour of Violet Jennings ’38, retiring from teaching and an honorary life member of the Alumnae.

1997   $300.00 was donated to “Missions for Sixty” in Jamaica which is overseen by Sister Ann Marshall.

1980   Alumnae made a $50.00 donation to the Mary Lepinsky Library.

1990   Profits from the Reunion Dinner, were donated to the Hospital Foundation St. Joseph’s Hospital was celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Hospital and the 75th Anniversary of the First Graduating Class of Nurses.
There was a Post-Mass reception and luncheon.
Alumnae had communications posted in the “Hospital Monitor”

1994   $1000.00 was donated to St. Joseph’s Villa for two ear thermometers and for a second bus to take Villa residents to see the Christmas lights in Simcoe and coffee at Tim Hortons.

1995   $500.00 was donated St. Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton Pastoral Care Department to recognize Sister Virginia’s 50th anniversary of her graduation and contributions to the Alumnae

1999   A large screen TV and VCR donated by the Alumnae to St. Joseph’s Villa for residents confined to the Villa.
Donation were also made to the Pastoral Care Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

2000   To present day, annual donations are given to St. Joseph’s Villa for resident care...

2010   Alumnae donated $3000 at the Tribute dinner for the Sisters of St. Joseph Hamilton Congregation.

2013   In the early years of the Alumnae, annual gifts were given to the Sisters at Christmas.
“Honoring the Sisters of St. Joseph Alumnae Fund” was created in 2013 Funds used to honour special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and personal needs.

2016   Initial funds for the Sisters’ “Comfort Fund” were donated by the Class of ’65.
This fund was renamed “Honoring the Sisters of St. Joseph”. Janina Muta Berenyi ’65 administered the funds and arranged for the purchase and delivery of gifts to the nuns. This fund was replenished on an annual basis.

As of 2021, Honouring the Sisters Fund will have an annual budget of $500 and will be administered by the Mass Convenors.
The Fund will be used to remember the Sisters at Christmas, Easter and on their birthdays.

2019   The Mother House in Dundas was sold. Three of our Nursing Sisters moved to the St. Joseph’s Convent in London.
Janina Berenyi continued to be a liaison to the Sisters. On July 4th, the Executive was invited by Sister Ann Marshall for a farewell luncheon at the Convent. Flowers were given by the Alumnae for the event and the Sisters were each given a stipend to assist them with their move.

A $150.00 annual donation was made to St. Margaret Mary Church for the Sisters’ lunch program. This is in recognition of the church supporting the Annual Reunion Mass with supplies.

As of 2021 the S.J.S.N.A.A. Executive maintains a governance structure that formulates policy, develops procedure, administers operations and manages financial operations. In the spirit of historical practice S.J.S.N.A.A. will continue to support selected groups and associations.

2020   A bursary of $2017.00 was provided by the Class of Sept. ’55. This was presented to Brittany T., a practical nursing graduate who is entering the BScN program.

2020   Throughout the pandemic the Alumnae has continued to make donations.
As of 2021, there is a Flower / In Memorium Fund in the Terms of Reference.


1940 - 1980s’ Annual Spring Bridge / Euchre games were usually held in Undermount @75¢ a person. These games were later held in Fontbonne.
To follow there were annual fashion shows. Proceeds from these fashion shows were given to the Hospital Foundation.

1950’s   Annual Christmas Raffles were held for turkeys and for $100.00 and $50.00 Victory Bonds.

1957   Membership Tea combined with Tea for new Graduates.

1965   The first Graduation Tea was held April 25th, 1965. The Alumnae could no longer afford to sponsor the entire graduating class at the annual dinner. Graduation Dinner was replaced with the Mother and Daughter Tea.
Alumnae continued to sponsor the Graduation Dance until 1972.

1975   At the Annual Reunion Dinner, the Alumnae had items for sale including items ordered from Birks.
They ordered 300 silver charms and gold-filled charms could be ordered on request. There were100 mugs with the crest of the School of Nursing, stationery with the school crest as the letterhead and hasty notes with crest.

1976   Reunion Dinner was held at the Holiday Inn. Tickets were $8.00. Silver charms of the school crest and coffee mugs sold.

1977   Reunion Dinner was held at the Holiday Inn. Tickets $8.50. Mugs sold for $6.00 and charms for $5.00.

1979   A recipe book was done as a fundraiser, convened by Teresa Maas ’74.
Cookbooks were on sale at Reunion Day 1980.  They cost $3.50 each and $4.50 if they were mailed out.

1981   Alumnae Reunion Dinner was held June 4, 1981. It was held at the Holiday Inn. Tickets were $10.50. Sister Joan O’Sullivan was the guest speaker. A Hospital tour was organized for 40 Alumnae members in the morning. "Gold Books” were sold at the dinner and all proceeds were donated to the Sisters of St. Joseph. Uniform crests, cap pins, and yearbooks were also sold with the proceeds donated to the Educational Loan Fund. Silver-plated spoons and chrome bookmarks were available for sale at dinner.

1982   Reunion Dinner was held June 3, 1982. It was held at the Holiday Inn. Tickets were $12.75. Sister Ann Marshall ’56 was the guest speaker Memorabilia sold at the dinner included Gold Books, mugs, spoons, bookmarks, yearbooks, and crests.

1986   Reunion Dinner was held June 12, 1986, in the Chedoke Room, Hamilton Convention Centre. Tickets were $19.00.
There was a door prize for a Birk’s gift certificate. A Fundraiser for the hospital building fundraised $1200.00.

1989   Reunion Dinner was held May 31, 1989. Mayor Robert M. Morrow was the guest speaker and proclaimed St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Hamilton Day by the City of Hamilton to honour the 75th anniversary of the first nursing graduates of the hospital. Etched glass mugs were sold.

1990   Reunion Dinner was held June 14, 1990, at the Hamilton Convention Centre. Books available for sale were “Memories 1990”, the hospital centennial book “To Serve with Honour – The Story of St. Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton 1890 – 1990” and a Centennial calendar.

1995   Fundraisers included St. Joseph’s Alumnae sweatshirts, mugs, magnets, and hasty notes.

1995   questionnaires were devised to be distributed to Alumnae members requesting their ideas for what direction the Alumnae should take in the future.
Alumnae sponsored an “Archival Survey”. 156 questionnaires were returned.
133 wanted the Archival Display Case in the hospital lobby.
There was also a vote on having “Guest Speakers” at the Reunion Dinner.
The vote was “YES” 69 and “NO” 72.

1996   Reunion Dinner was held June 14, 1996. Tickets cost $35.00.
Centennial pens (red pens with gold crest), plates and hasty notes were for sale.

2007   June 1st, 2007 – Reunion Dinner was held June 1, 2007. Alumnae executive provided $500 for raffle and door prizes.

2011   Reunion Dinner was held May 27, 2011 “Celebrating 100 years – 1911 -2011” for the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing.
An “Artists’ Corner” was set up for handmade creations for fund raising including a Quilt donated by Mary Ellen (Reaume) Morand ‘61, 2 needlepoints of 2 older residences that the student nurses were housed in by Jim Shipley ‘71A; artwork by Janina (Muta) Berenyi ’65.


1950   1st Chrysanthemum ball held at Brant Inn.
1951   Chrysanthemum Ball, held in November was convened by Betty McLeod’50.
It was held at the Brant Inn with music by Harmony Kings. The cost was $3.50 per person.
1957   Chrysanthemum Ball was held at Brant Inn with Wally Mack Orchestra. The price increased to $4.00 a couple. Norm Marshall was the M.C.

1962   1ST Rhapsody In Blue
1961   The theme was “Cinderella Ball” held at the Royal Connaught
1976   Last Chrysanthemum Ball was held at the Holiday Inn in Burlington with music by John Bentley Orchestra. Tickets were $22.00 per couple.


1943   Dinner was held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Royal Connaught Hotel. Dinner was $1.50 a plate, followed by a dance in the Starlight Room.

1940’s   Graduation dinner was held on a Thursday and dance was held the following day. These events were often held in different hotels including the Brant Inn, Royal Connaught, Fischer Hotel, Prudhommes, the El Morocco and on occasion in the Basilica auditorium.

1949   The Alumnae voted to have the reunion be combined with the Graduation Dinner.

1950   Graduation / Reunion dinner was held on Thursday at Fischers Hotel, dance was held on Friday at the El Morocco and Graduation tea was held on Saturday at Mary Grove.

1964   Combining the reunion with the graduation dinner was discontinued.
Graduation dinner was replaced with the Mother and Daughter tea.
The Alumnae continued to sponsor the Graduation Dance until 1972.

1971   Executive made a decision to no longer sponsor graduation dances.


The first yearbook for the School of Nursing, called “Undermount”, was published in 1934. It was donated to the Alumnae by Violet Bassindale, class of 1934. The idea to publish yearbooks was promoted by Sister Bonaventure and Sister Virginia. These books were called “VOX OMNIUM” which means “The Voice of All”. Hardcover yearbooks were published starting in 1955.

1959   Earlier yearbooks describe the “banquet” as the beginning of celebrations for Graduation.
Vox Omnium 1959 is the first yearbook to describe the “MOTHER – FATHER – DAUGHTER BANQUET”.
Wednesday April 29, 1959 “our graduation festivities began with the first of an annual occasion in honour of our parents.”
After presenting our parents with corsages and boutonnieres we all proceeded to the Crystal Ballroom of the Royal Connaught Hotel, where we entered a gaily lighted room and were served a very delicious meal.

1960   The banquet was held April 27, 1960 at 7 pm in the Burgundy room of the Fisher Hotel. Students were dressed in their blue and white uniforms. Parents came to the reception room of the Undermount Residence and drove the students to the Hotel. Mothers were given a gardenia corsage and the fathers were given a gardenia for their lapel. The Annual Alumnae Reunion Dinner was held on May 4, 1960 at the Brant Inn in Burlington. The entire graduation class was accepted into the Alumnae Membership.


1965-1973   The graduating class, their mother or a friend, were honoured by the Alumnae executive along with the Director of Nursing. The Alumnae members poured tea for the graduating class. A dress protocol was in place for hats suits and gloves.
The Alumnae gave $100.00 to sponsor the event.

The First Graduation Tea was held April 25, 1965 and the last graduation tea was held for the class of 1974.

1944   Alumnae ordered correspondence paper with the Alumnae Crest. These were used for invitations to events (e.g. the Mother Daughter Tea).


Originally the published bulletins were replaced with newsletters circulated monthly to members.

1961   News bulletins were sent out every three months and a phone committee was to contact members before each general meeting.

1962   The Burlington Gazette and the Hamilton Spectator published accounts of monthly Alumnae meetings and Alumnae functions.  
CHIQ, CHCH-TV, CHML, and CKOC made announcements of Masses, scheduled general meetings and coming events.

1963   Births, marriages and deaths were included in the newsletter.

1971   Newsletters included acknowledgments of marriages and births of members as well as deaths of members and members’ family.

1977  Alumnae Newsletter was printed by the hospital printing department at a cost of $10.00.

1983   Newsletter was published three times a year (September, February, May) It was folded and placed in envelopes, rather than stapled.

The present-day newsletter is sent to paid members including a message from the President and the newsletter editor. Highlights include achievements of individual members, notices of re-union dinners, and an obituary column.

1996   There was a contest to rename the newsletter.
“Alumnae In Action” was the winner submitted by Patricia Hardie ‘55.

1996   April newsletter included one renewal letter and one dinner flyer.

2000   As suggested by Margaret Rizzo, the school crest will be under the title of the newsletter “Alumnae in Action”.

2002   Publishing dates for Newsletter were October (Fall), January (Winter) and April (Spring). It was to be proof read by the vice president.

2021   “A recruitment letter” and “Expression of Interest form” were included in the April newsletter, looking for members of the Alumnae to join our Executive.


2003   January – To produce an Alumnae website with an initial cost of $3500.
(A survey taken showed over 50% of membership were in favour of a website for the Alumnae.)

June 4th, 2004 was the birth of our website www.sjsnaa.com. Graduates were invited to The Inaugural Launching of St Joseph's School of Nursing Alumnae Association Web site at the reunion dinner.

This website involved revising the constitution, condensing the history of our alumnae, rewriting the terms of reference for all executive positions held, and compiling all the graduation photos for inclusion in the website. Rose Dzugan’68 spearheaded this project.

Cheryl Gravelin McQueen’66 located graduation photos for the photo gallery Janina Muta Berenyi’65 provided the history of St Joseph School of Nursing for the website.

2020   Interviews are now linked to the Alumnae website via YouTube – Sister Ann Marshall, Sister Virginia Hanlon, Isabel Kerr, and Virginia Frere. A transcribed copy of the interview of Sister Joan O’Sullivan is on our website. Special thanks to the hospital librarian, Karin Dearness.

2021   Class photos of the last four classes – 1975, 1976, 1977, and 1978 have been completed by Janina Berenyi ’65 and now placed on our website by our website coordinator.

"Alumnae in Action” newsletters can be added to the website after a year has expired from their circulation.


1961   Lois Stewart MacKenzie ’54 offered to be “historian” for the Alumnae.

1963   A storage room made available in Fontbonne for all of the Alumnae assets. Mrs. Maureen Arbour Radigan ‘57 was in charge of listing all assets.

1965   50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Alumnae was celebrated at the Royal Connaught Hotel. Among those seated at the Head Table were three members of the first class that graduated in 1915 of the School of Nursing.
   1. Miss Ann Maloney-still an active member
   2. Miss Ella Kelly the first president
   3. Miss Jean Morin, who helped draw up the first constitution

Sixty Years” 1890 to 1950 was written by Sister Mary Ursula in celebration of 60 years of the combined History of the Hospital and the School of Nursing.

Alumnae project was the purchase of a piano for the School of Nursing

1976 “The Way We Were”, was written in 1976 by Lois MacKenzie 54’ and Ruth Milne 58’.
It is a collection of excerpts from the minutes of the Alumnae with some personal observations of the authors.

1977   The official St. Joseph’s School of Nursing “die” was presented by Lorna Matthews ’54 to Sister Ursula ’32 and placed in the archives at Mother House.

1978   St. Joseph’s Campus Library donated their archives to SJSNAA. New storage room in Fontbonne on second floor was shared with the Archives and the Hospital Women’s Auxiliary.
The official St. Joseph’s School of Nursing “die” was now stored in the archives at St Joseph’s Campus Library.

1983 January -  Linda Dayler ‘71A, President gave logo dies to Birk’s for as long as they made logo items for the Alumnae.
May - Permission granted by artist to place lithograph of Undermount on the Alumnae note paper.
Credit was given to the artist, David Willis in the newsletter. Printing by Klaus Printing for these note cards; printing by Superior Printing for staationary and envelopes.

1985   Fontbonne became offices. Alumnae lost some memorabilia, bridge tables, silverware, etc. Class pictures were found without frames and many class pictures were missing.

1989   The Sisters of St. Joseph purchased a Processional Cross to be used at the Alumnae Remembrance Mass.
Jackie Hughes was presented with an engraved gavel, property of the Alumnae (a replacement and was to be kept by the President).
Alumnae memorabilia moved to a room at the Motherhouse.

1990   “Memories 1990” was published by Nancy Melnyk ’65. This book was written on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the hospital and the 75th anniversary of the first graduating class.

1990   Negatives of graduation photos taken by Beckett Photography were stored in the “Special Collections” of the Hamilton Public Library. St. Joseph’s Villa gave the Alumnae space to store archival articles. Thirty-three graduation photos have been identified, mounted and laminated.

“To Serve with Honour” was written by Peggy Savage telling the story of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, 1890-1990. Sister Joan O’Sullivan and Sister Virginia Hanlon were the editorial advisors.

1992   Original Alumnae press and dies were stored in room “J” at St. Joseph’s Villa, along with class pictures, some year books, and a uniform with a cape.

1994   Archive committee was established. The members of the committee were Margaret Binkley Brown ’53.
Edith Firmi Stewart ’51 and Framces Twist Simson ’45.

1995   The Archive Committee began the lamination of class pictures in October 1995.
Class composite pictures remained stored on the sixth floor of St. Joseph’s Villa:

1998   A motion was passed by the executive committee to spend up to $3,300.00 to preserve graduation photos.  The project involved identifying each person in the pictures.

Dorothy Gleed Marshall ’46 researched each graduate personally, with husbands, relatives and nursing homes. She identified class graduation photos from St Joseph‘s School of Nursing for lamination and preservation.

2005   The class of 1955, for their 50-year anniversary, donated a stained glass replica of the school graduation pin to be placed in the display cabinet. It was made by the husband of one of the deceased members of their class, Agnes Stipsits ’55.

2008   Jim Shipley ‘71A donated a needlepoint replica of our School of Nursing Crest.
The executive agreed the piece should be displayed in the archive display case.

Many members have donated memorabilia to the archives, graduation pins, rings and year pins.
The archives have a collection of student uniforms and textbooks.


Reunion Day Mass

1933   Mass for deceased members was conducted originally on Remembrance Day.
There were two Masses conducted
1-In October for our living members
2-In November for the repose of souls of our deceased members.

1985   When Sister Virginia Hanlon ’45 became the Sister Liaison to the Alumnae, the mass was changed to the Annual Reunion Day.
Sister Virginia Hanlon and Sister Liaison played an important role in the planning of the annual Reunion Day Mass and Reception.

1990 The 1st “Reunion Day Liturgy of Thanksgiving” booklet was published.
A booklet continues to be published every year.

2000 Alumnae Mass Committee was formed. Marie Andreychuk Yakimoff’54, assisted Sister Virginia and Sister Patricia for 2001. Members of the special five-year anniversary classes are asked to participate.

2002   Mass will no longer be called “Mass of Remembrance” after 2002. It will be called “Mass of Thanksgiving”.

Mass of Remembrance over the years was celebrated in various sites:
1985   Last Reunion Mass was celebrated in the old Hospital Chapel.
1986   Reunion Mass was celebrated in the Stelco Amphitheatre.
1987-1988   Reunion Mass was celebrated in the New Chapel. Catholic Books of Worship were donated by Alumnae.
1990-2000   Reunion Mass was celebrated in Fontbonne Hall Gymnasium.
2001-2013   Reunion Mass was celebrated at St. Charles Garnier Church.
2014   The Reunion Mass was amalgamated with the Reunion Dinner at Carmen’s Banquet Centre.

Reunion Dinner was changed to Reunion Luncheon

2015 – 2019   Reunion Mass was celebrated with the Reunion Luncheon at Michaelangelo’s Banquet Centre
2020 - 2022   Reunion Day celebrations were cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic

In the early years, Alumnae members were welcomed by Director of Nursing. In recent years, the welcome was extended by a Sister of St Joseph.

In the Liturgy of Thanksgiving, members celebrating five-year anniversaries are invited to participate in petitions for deceased members, the procession, readings, offertory, Eucharist and song.

As of 2021, S.J.S.N.A.A. has a role description for the Sacristan for Reunion Day Mass. It includes her responsibilities in preparation for Reunion Day Mass, organization of Mass Participants and supplies, and return of supplies at the end of the ceremony.


1949   The Reunion combined with the Graduation dinner in May. Annual reunions/business dinner gatherings continue to this day.
1964   It became difficult to find a location which could accommodate the 300 plus Alumnae members as well as over 100 members of the graduating class. As a result, the Alumnae Dinner became a separate event from the Graduation Dinner.

1965-1984   Reunion Dinner was held in the Pavilion Ball Room at the Holiday Inn.
1984   The class of 1958 requested to be “piped in” as the 50-year anniversary class

1984-2014   Reunion dinners were organized by Isabel Kerr and Karen Martin.
Together they organized table arrangements and class seating. Isabel organized issues related to the facility, set-up of dining room, foyer, etc. Karen organized ticket sales.

1985   The dinner was moved to the Hamilton Convention Centre where it was held until 2013.

2002   The St Joseph's School of Nursing Alumnae Crest Banner was purchased in October of 2002 and first presented at that years Mass. The cost of this banner and stand was $347.69.

2014   The Reunion Mass was amalgamated with the Reunion Luncheon at Carmen’s Banquet Centre.

2015 – 2019   The Reunion Mass was celebrated with the Reunion Luncheon at Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre

2001   The cost of the dinner was $20.00. In 2006 the cost increased to $40. In 2014 the dinner was changed to Reunion Luncheon and the price increased to $55.00. In 2019, with inflation, the Alumnae was forced to increase the price to $55.00

2020 - 2022   Reunion Day celebrations were cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic
As of 2021, the executive has designed a policy / job description for the Reunion Day Photographer. Pictures taken are kept as an historical record for the archive. They are also posted in the Fall / October Newsletter.
The Reunion Day Luncheon begins with the 50-year anniversary class marching into the dining room with the bag piper followed by the Alumnae Executive. After dinner there is the yearly business meeting.
The roll call is a long-standing tradition at the Annual Reunion which was initiated when Leona Johnson Hudecki ’41 was president of the Alumnae. Each class from 1915 to 1978 is called out and all members of that class stand and are recognized.

As of 2021, the executive has designed an agenda for the Master of Ceremonies to follow throughout the day’s activities.


May 27, 1947 Annual Reunion Dinner was held in Undermount Nurses Residence.
About 150 nurses were present at the reunion held by St. Joseph’s Hospital Alumnae at Undermount on Thursday evening Reverend Sister M. St. Edward superintendent of the hospital, extended a warm greeting to those present.
The student nurses provided an excellent and colourful program in their portrayal of the Dance of the Nations.

1950   Graduation for the class of 1950 was held on May 31, 1950.
Graduation tea was held on Saturday at Marygrove on June 11, 1950
60th Anniversary of St. Joseph’s Hospital was June 11, 1950

St Joseph’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations
Solemn High Mass was celebrated on the lawn of Marygrove.
Estimated 500 guests attended
Mass was followed by an open house of the hospital from 2 – 4 pm. Guests were met at the door by Sister Superior M Geraldine ’30 then guided through the hospital by the student nurses.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the hospital served tea on the lawn,

The nurses annual Reunion Dinner was held on the same day.
The graduates attended the 60th Anniversary celebrations.
The picture of past Alumnae Presidents was taken during Reunion Day Celebrations.

1965   50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of St Joseph Nurses Alumnae was celebrated at the Royal Connaught Hotel.

Among those seated at the Head Table were three members of the first class that graduated in 1915 of the School of Nursing.
Miss Ann Maloney was still an active member, Miss Ella Kelly was the first president and Miss Jean Morin, helped draw up the first constitution.
Invited guests were Rev. M. Alacoque, Sister Mary Grace ‘34, and Sister Celestine ‘43
Miss Claribel Marchie’66, the African student, was invited and sponsored by the Alumnae.

The previous presidents’ gavel was lost at the May Reunion Dinner
Mr. Al Rumbles (married to Shirley Quance Rumbles ’52) made a new one and presented it to the President.

Alumnae Reunion Dinner cost $4.00 per plate and 246 dinners were served.
It was a buffet dinner and was held at Fischer’s Royal Hotel.
Gifts were presented to outgoing Executive members except the outgoing Past President.
Alumnae had items for sale at the Reunion Dinner

1989   Reunion Day Celebrations were held on May 31, 1989
Mass was celebrated in the New Chapel in the Charlton Street Lobby, Mary Grace Wing. with a reception to follow at Fontbonne Hall, in Classroom 3.
Reunion Dinner was held in the Chedoke Hall at the Hamilton Convention Centre.
The dinner cost was $25 and the attendance was 440.
His worship Mayor Bob Morrow presented Jackie Wade, class of 1971A, the President of the Alumnae, with a scroll proclaiming “St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Day” in honour of the 75th anniversary of the first graduating class. The framed plaque was to be displayed in the Fontbonne lobby.

May 31, 1989, was proclaimed “St. Joseph School of Nursing Alumnae Hamilton Day” by the City of Hamilton

1990   Reunion Day Celebrations were held June 14, 1990 Mass was celebrated in Fontbonne Hall. Liturgy was given by Bishop Tonnos in honour of the Centennial of the hospital.
Approximately 250 people attended the luncheon provided in Fontbonne after the Mass.
The 1st Mass Booklet was published.
Reunion Day Dinner was held in the Chedoke Hall at The Hamilton Convention Centre.
The dinner cost was $30 and the attendance was 760.
Reunion Day celebrated St. Joseph’s Hospital 100 years.
Peggy Savage, author of “To Serve with Honour:
The story of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton 1890-1990” was present at the dinner.
She autographed a copy of her book and donated it to the Alumnae.
Nancy O’Brien Melnyk ’65, wrote a book “MEMORIES 1990” on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Hospital & the 75th anniversary of the 1st graduating class.

2000   Reunion Day Celebration Friday June 9, 2000
The class of 1950 donated a fully dressed doll to the Alumnae for their 50th Reunion.
The doll is 34” tall and dressed in the school uniform of 1947-1950, complete with cape.
Mary Sangster Smithson ’50 designed the clothes.
The uniform has plastic cuffs, collars and belts (previously the uniforms were made of heavily starched linens).
In 1949-1950, stockings had seams and were worn with tied Oxford style shoes.
Capes had a pocket for keys (nurses never carried purses) and chains to hang the capes up.
They asked that she be used in the Alumnae Display Cabinet in the lobby of St. Joseph Hospital.

2005   Reunion Day Celebrations were held Friday June 3, 2005 Mass was celebrated in St. Charles Garnier Church.
Following mass, the Alumnae celebrated the unveiling of the showcase displaying our uniforms and historical archives in the front lobby of the "new" tower of St. Joseph's Healthcare.
Each year the focus is to display memorabilia of the classes celebrating their anniversary years.
Pictures of the Alumnae reunion dinners are displayed along with any donations that have been made to the Alumnae. Here amid the flow of traffic the mannequins are on constant display donning historical outfits worn by the students from St. Joseph's School of Nursing.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by Sister Joan O'Sullivan ‘43 and Janina Muta Berenyi ‘65.  A luncheon was served at the hospital.

The Alumnae was given a climate-controlled area in the hospital library.
All the archival pictures, albums, pins, rings, exams from the 30’s and other treasures are housed there.
Original period student uniforms have been washed, starched, and assembled for our display cabinet.

2007   Reunion Day Celebrations were held June 1, 2007.
Mass was celebrated in St. Charles Garnier Church.

Following Mass, the Alumnae had arranged for a bus from Wills Motors to pick up 48 Alumnae members at 12;30 hrs. at the Church and transport them to St. Joseph Hospital for the Spiritual Garden Presentation.
A luncheon was served, and the bus returned to pick up the members at 3;30 pm. to return them to the church.
Cost of the bus was $232.00. Cost of the luncheon was $2910.00

Celebrant Father Martin Valley, was present for the consecration of Spiritual Garden and Mass.
Sister Margaret Kane, Superior General extended an invitation to the Sisters of St. Joseph Community for the dedication.
All members of the Alumnae, Derek McNally, Kevin Smith and the Spiritual Care Department were also invited.

The Alumnae executive made a donation to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation for the planting of a red maple tree enclosed by a circular bench. A bronze plaque both on the tree and the bench reads “Donated by the St. Joseph School of Nursing Alumnae Association June 1st 2007. The cost of the tree and bench was $4118.31
The tree was chosen to symbolically signify our caring past, our dedication of the present, and our hopes for the future, and that those who seek the solace will do so and find their “Reason for Being” here in the Sisters of St. Joseph Spiritual Garden.

2011   Many events were held by the Alumnae to celebrate 100 years of the School of Nursing

January – Special Archival Newsletter Calendar was created, highlighting the last 100 years.

March 27, 2011   31 Alumnae members entered in the “Around the Bay Road Race” and raised $10,299.00 for St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

April 29   – St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation Gala Event was held to honour the birth of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing.

May 9 – 15, 2011   Archival material, Commemorative Calendars were set up for Nursing Grand Rounds in Nursing Week May 9 – 15

May 9, 2011   The Alumnae Executive was invited to participate in the Nursing Grand Rounds in the Juravinski Tower.
An archival powerpoint was set up and displayed by Janina Berenyi ’65 and Beverly Greenwood ’70.
May 10, 2011 The Alumnae Executive were invited to attend the Nurses Award Banquet.
They were presented with a plaque honouring our legacy to the nursing profession.

May 27, 2011   Reunion Day Mass was celebrated in St. Charles Garnier Church. Celebrant at Mass was Bishop Crosby.
Reunion Day Dinner was held in Chedoke Hall at The Hamilton Convention Centre.
The dinner cost was $40 and the attendance was 470.
All Alumnae members were given a commemorative calendar at the reunion day dinner.
Janina Belzak, St Joseph Healthcare Foundation, made a presentation of fundraising leaders from the Around the Bay Road Race.
Mohawk College Alumni Association also hosted a tea for St. Joseph’s Campus, Mohawk College Graduates.

May 28 2011   Sisters of St. Joseph Tea and Tour of the Motherhouse was hosted by Sister Virginia, Sister Ann Marshall, and Sister Joan O’Sullivan. It was attended by over 200 members.
The Alumnae donated $1000 to defray costs for the tea.

September 8, 2011   A Tea was held at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Juravinski Tower to commemorate the exact day, September 8, 1911, of the official opening of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing.
The painting titled “Fertile Fields”, by Carolyn Dover, was presented to the Alumnae with the accompanying plaque “In honour of the continued dedication and professional enthusiasm of our Nurses.
This painting commemorates the 100th anniversary of the opening of St. Joseph School of Nursing, Hamilton, on 8th of September 2011”

100th Anniversary Book   Written by Cheryl Gravelin McQueen ’66 to celebrate 100 years of the founding of St Joseph’s School of Nursing on September 8, 1911.

2015   Many events were held by the Alumnae to celebrate 100 years of the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Association

May 28, 2015   Reunion Day Celebrations
Past Presidents of the Alumnae were recognized. 12 of 16 presidents attended the Reunion Day.
Alumnae book “Memories, Friends and Treasures” was written by Janina Muta Berenyi ’65, Beverly Shynal Greenwood ’70 and Connie Beamer Prowse ’69. The book was written to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our Alumnae.

Archival Oral History Project was done in celebration of the 100 years of the S.J.S.N.A.A.

September 19, 2015   100th Anniversary of SJSNAA was celebrated with a tea in the auditorium at Central Presbyterian Church.

2017   Thursday May 25    The Reunion Day Celebrations were held at Michaelangelo’s Banquet Centre.
Reunion Day Mass was celebrated at 10am in the North Ball Room.
Reunion Day Luncheon began at 12:30 pm in the combined Center & South Ball Room.
Luncheon cost was $55. Attendance was 333

The theme of the day was “150 years in Nursing”. Executive members had visited their MPP’s to obtain 150-year lapel pins & flags to decorate the dining room and honour the occasion.
Members of the Class of ’74 provided red and white floral centre pieces for the non anniversary tables.
The Sisters of St. Joseph and the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Association had taken on a joint project:
Celebrate Canada 150 Food Drive.
The Alumnae executive invited all grads to contribute non-perishable items to a food drive as part of our Annual Reunion Day Events.
The food drive and other donations by the Alumnae Executive to attendees for “The Good Shepherd” were very successful.

2020, 2021, 2022   Reunion Day Celebrations were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
“PowerPoints” for the classes celebrating special anniversary years, are being compiled and will be accessible on the SJSNAA website.

We remain one of the few active Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Associations in Canada