Anniversary Classes

Reunion Day Celebrations
 Enjoy the power point presentations.
Some of the presentations are quite large and take a minute or two to download, please be patient.

2019 - Reunion day luncheon.pdf

Classes of 1915 - 1939.pdf
Class of 1944 - Celebrating 75 years.pdf
Class of 1949 - Celebrating 70 years.pdf
Class of 1954 - Celebrating 65 years.pdf
Class of 1959 - Celebrating 60 years.pdf
Class of 1964 - Celebrating 55 years.pdf
Class of 1969 - Celebrating 50 years.pdf
Class of 1974 - Celebrating 45 years.pdf

Reunion Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 were Cancelled. See what was planned!

As there was no Reunion Mass and Luncheon these years, the Video Presentations our Archivists routinely create for Reunion Day are accessible here for your walk down Memory Lane.

Click on the pdf files and open a new window to view the presentations.