St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Association Hamilton Ontario Canada Constitution

The Constitution for was amended in February 2021

The name of the Organization is the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Association. (SJSNAA)

The Constitution is the agreed-upon plan of action that provides the Executive Committee and Alumnae members with important principles that give stability and continuity to the ongoing operations of the Association.

The Constitution may be revised by the Executive Committee when deemed necessary.


The SJSNAA promotes the collegiality of its members through:

1. Newsletters

2. Website

3. Annual Reunion Day Mass

4. Annual Reunion Day Luncheon/Annual General Meeting

5. Enquiries to the Executive Committee from the Alumnae members by written, telephone or electronic medium

SJSNAA continues to support the Sisters of St. Joseph as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Membership Definition

Membership is defined as a graduate nurse belonging to the SJSNAA.

Membership in the Alumnae is contingent on payment of the annual membership fee.

The annual membership fee is twenty dollars ($20.00) in Canadian funds and is due at the beginning of the membership year which is July 1st to June 30th.

1. Active Member:

Is a graduate of St. Joseph's School of Nursing, or St. Joseph's Campus of Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, up to and including the class of 1978 (Amendment Jan. 20, 2015) who has paid the Alumnae membership fee for the current membership year.

2. Honorary Member:

Is a member who has maintained an active membership for twenty-five (25) consecutive years and has paid the membership fee for the current membership year.

3. Associate Member

Is a graduate nurse who has had an affiliation with St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton, and/or St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Hamilton, and has paid the membership fee for the current membership year.

The Executive Committee holds the responsibility of awarding the Associate Membership.

Members whose renewals are due will receive a membership renewal form in the Spring/April newsletter and the Fall/October newsletter.

The Executive holds the right to revise the membership fee.

Membership fees are non-refundable.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

1. The AGM meeting is held yearly in conjunction with the Annual Reunion Luncheon. Written notice is given in the Spring/April Newsletter.

2. A yearly report is provided at the AGM and includes the President’s report, Treasurer’s financial report, and Membership Secretary’s report.

This report will be included in the Fall/October newsletter.

3. The AGM is chaired by one or two of the members of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Meetings

1. Meetings follow Robert's Rules of Order.

2. Meetings are held at the discretion of the Executive Committee, usually four (4) to six (6) times a year.

3. A quorum of the Executive Committee requires the attendance of two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee members.

4. A recommendation, motion, or resolution requires a majority of affirmative votes for approval by the Executive Committee.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes Format

Executive Committee members are responsible to submit their committee reports electronically to the President seven (7) days prior to

the Executive Committee meeting. The Executive Committee meeting agenda will be sent electronically to the members of the

Executive Committee four (4) days prior to the meeting.

The Agenda shall include:

1. Date

2. Attendance

3. Review of minutes of the previous meeting

4. Corrections and approval of minutes

5. Business arising from minutes

6. Reports from President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor/Dispatcher, Archives Coordinators,

Luncheon Coordinators, Mass Coordinators, Fundraising Coordinator, and Website Coordinator.

7. Correspondence

8. New business

9. Date of next meeting

10. Adjournment

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee formulates policy, develops procedures, administers operations, and manages the financial operations of the Alumnae according to the Constitution.

Executive Position Criteria

Executive members shall be graduates of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing or St. Joseph’s Campus of Mohawk College, as identified in the Membership Criteria. A member of the Executive Committee who is unable to attend a meeting in person may participate in the meeting by tele- or video conference. A member of the Executive Committee shall have internet and email access.

All members of the Executive Committee have the privilege to cast one vote.

Composition of the Executive Committee

1. Immediate Past President

2. President

3. Vice President

4. Recording Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Membership Secretary

7. Newsletter Editor/Dispatcher

8. Archives Coordinators

9. Annual Reunion Day Lunch Coordinators

10. Annual Reunion Day Mass Coordinators

11. Fundraising Coordinator

12. Website Coordinator

Executive Committee Roles

Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President is an advisor to the Executive Committee and facilitates transitional activities during Executive turnovers.


The President is the Head of the Association and is charged with the responsibility of administering the Association according to the Constitution.

Vice President

The Vice President is to serve in the absence of the President and to succeed to the office of President for the unexpired term if that office is vacated for any reason.

The Vice President shall be responsible to chair any special projects assigned by the Executive Committee.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary records the minutes of each Executive meeting, distributes these minutes electronically to all Executive Committee members within two (2) weeks from the Executive meeting, and maintains all minutes.


The Treasurer administers the financial functions of the Alumnae Association according to the Constitution and will develop policies and procedures in collaboration with the Executive Committee.

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary maintains the membership database, processes renewals, determines dates for awarding of Honorary Membership status, generates mailing labels for newsletters, and emails online newsletters.

Newsletter Editor/Dispatcher

The Newsletter Editor/Dispatcher writes, edits (with the assistance of an appointed Executive Committee member) and prepares the newsletter for publishing three (3) times a year in Fall/October, Winter/ January, and Spring/April.

Archives Coordinators

The Archives Coordinators research, organize, document, and preserve the archival materials and update the Alumnae showcase in the foyer of the St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Charlton Campus.

Annual Reunion Day Luncheon Coordinators

The Annual Reunion Day Luncheon Coordinators plan and carry out all aspects at the Reunion Day Luncheon in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Annual Reunion Day Mass Coordinator

The Annual Reunion Day Mass Coordinator design and promote the liturgy for all the blessings to be bestowed on the SJSNAA, past and present, in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinator shall be responsible for the Raffle and 50/50 draw at the Annual Reunion Day Luncheon and any other fundraising initiatives agreed upon by the Executive Committee.

Website Coordinator

The Website Coordinator will ensure that the website is updated with the Alumnae events and historical data, as well as act as a liaison with the website developer and the Executive Committee.

Term of Office

1. The term of office shall be two (2) years for each Executive Committee position, commencing July 1st.

2. Recruitment for an expression of interest in an executive position shall be posted in the newsletters and website as required.

3. In the absence of an expression of interest from the Alumnae membership, the present Executive members shall be “acclaimed” to these positions for another two (2) year term.

4. The Executive Committee may modify the term of office under extenuating circumstances.

5. Any Executive member will be asked to resign if she/he has been absent for three (3) consecutive meetings or displays inappropriate behaviour or is unable or unwilling to fulfill their responsibilities.The Executive Committee may modify the ruling under extenuating circumstances.

Selection of Executive

Future members of the Executive Committee are recruited and approved by the current Executive Committee, following an expression of interest by Active Alumnae members.


The fiscal year term is from July 1st to June 30th

The monies of the SJSNAA account are utilized to carry out the vision of the SJSNAA.

1. Financial Procedures

• The Treasurer shall be guided by the role description approved by the Executive Committee.

• All written cheques must be signed by two (2) Executive Committee members who have signing authority.

2. Investment Procedure

• The Treasurer reports the status of each investment at an Executive Committee meeting upon receipt of bank statements and arranges for renewals or new investments at the direction of the Executive Committee.

Tax Receipts

SJSNAA is not a registered charitable organization and does not provide tax receipts.


The Communications procedure determines the SJSNAA policy and confidentiality statement, how SJSNAA uses the media, print, and email, and who will represent the SJSNAA in the media.

All communications are the responsibility of the SJSNAA Executive Committee.

Privacy Statement

Although SJSNAA cannot publish contact information for Alumnae members, graduation photos and names on the SJSNAA website can be published. The graduation photos are considered historical documents as they were published publicly in The Hamilton Spectator and will remain in their archives. Personal information will not be issued without the specific permission of the graduate.


All printed material to be distributed outside of the Executive e.g. media releases, newsletters, must be approved by the Executive Committee or designate prior to distribution.


The President or her delegate shall be the spokesperson for the SJSNAA and does so as directed by the Executive Committee.

SJSNAA members shall be notified of any public stance by the Executive Committee.


SJSNAA is not liable for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by email. Emails, sent en masse, will be sent using the SJSNAA distribution list. Master email distribution lists will not be used for solicitation.

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